Welcome to the PowerSpout Advanced PHP (Hydro Pump) Series calculator.

This is a very powerful tool which will automatically update as you input information. However, just like any program, it is only as good as the information you enter, so please take time to read the system design and calculator manual.

After entering a value, do not press Enter. Simply wait 2 seconds for the calculations to update after each change.


Unit Preference

Hydro Supply

These inputs will determine how much power your PowerSpout HydroPump will be able to capture from your water source.

Pelton Pump

These inputs will determine how much water your PowerSpout HydroPump will be able to pump using the energy calculated from above.

Output Delivery Pipe

These inputs relate to the pipe from the PowerSpout Hydro Pump up to the destination (eg Storage Tank).

Save & Share Results

If you wish to save your results above and share them with a dealer, please input your own email address, and select a dealer if desired. You will receive an email containing a summary of the results and a reference number. The Job Reference is an optional reference that you can use to track results. It only appears in the email that is sent out, and can't be used to search results on PowerSpout.com.

Your turbine will be designed for the site data you supply above. If you operate it on a different site, the output power will differ. A new generator core may be required to obtain the best results in such cases. If you intend to run your turbine over a wide range of flow rates, you need to state this at the time of ordering. A different generator core can be supplied for an additional charge.